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UAE the gulf country known for seven prominent emirates is a tourist destination, sure. However, it also doubles up as one of the leading business destinations in the Gulf. It is no wonder therefore that a lot of entrepreneurs from across the globe flock to the area in hope of doing business.

Remember that it is your products or services that will attract the prospective clients not the name of your company. Start by registering on the portal and list the products/services that you provide. It definitely makes sense to begin in a small way initially. Fret not, the directory for Sharjah will be your own homing ground even, if you list just a single product. Not only will you be sure of finding a lot of visitors being directed to your store/ office via the business directory but you will also be able to convert your tiny store into a functioning eCommerce website at your own domain. You get the extra benefit of obtaining a professional business email for your business venture too.

The onus of converting the visitors into clients is yours though. Good Luck!

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